Chidinma Nnorom is a Multidisciplinary Artist exploring...

Chidinma Nnorom is a Multidisciplinary Artist exploring issues around identity, and the architecture of spaces and people. She studied Graphics Design at Yaba College of Technology Lagos, and also, Public Relations & Advertising (PGD) at the Nigerian Institute of Journalism (in view). 

Over the years, Chidinma has continued to work on personal projects and received various project grants like the Architectural Photography grant by African Artists Foundation, and ‘Female Artists Perspective to Urban Planning in Lagos’ project grant by Heinrich Böll Stiftung Nigeria. Her works has been showcased in various exhibitions and publications including Women in the City exhibition in Lagos, Agora ‘We the Women’ at Dubai Expo (2022), Cosmos of Space, Place & Time at Bamako Biennale (2022), AURA virtual exhibition at Holy Art Gallery London (2023), Africa Day at Zushi Beach Film Festival Japan (2023), See-zeen photography, F-Stop photo magazine, SKEW Black Embodiment magazine, and British Journal of Photography - OpenWalls Arles Exhibition.

In 2023, Chidinma made the AIS OPEN - Women Behind the Lens shortlist, produced by InspirateUK. Her work 'My Papa Told Me’, from her project – ‘Fragments of Being and Belonging’ is a winning image for the British Journal of Photography OpenWalls 2023, and displayed at Galerie Huit Arles in France. She works out of Lagos, Nigeria.

Chidinma Nnorom

Chidinma Nnorom Visual Artist I Photographer
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